January 28, 2023

12 Strange Facts You Wish You Didn’t Know


When you stumble upon some interesting fact in the Internet, you can’t help but share it with your friends and family. And sometimes there are some facts that you wish you hadn’t found out because of how bizarre they are. At that point you truly understand what they mean when they say ignorance is bliss. Because even if some people may say knowledge is power, when it comes to these facts they are very cringe worthy and will get your noses to turn up. Hope you have a strong stomach.

  1. Using your urine to brush your teeth

Why spend money on doctor recommended toothpaste, breath mints, and mouthwash, when you can save tons of money by using your urine to fight bad breath and get pearly white teeth. In ancient Rome, urine was used to whiten teeth and fight bad breath.

2. Jelly bean are made of bug poop.

Who is not fond of jellybeans? But you might be shocked to find out that the outer shells of jellybeans are covered in shellac. Shellac is a colorful substance that is made from bug excretions.  Their waxy and colorful qualities make them essential to give the jellybeans a polished colorful look.

3. We eat spiders without knowing.

No matter how much you hate these hairy eight-legged, eight-eyed insects, you will be surprised to know that on average, eat about eight spiders in a lifetime. No matter how grossed out you are it is a scientific fact so you might not want to take it likely.

4. Human heart

A human heart can squirt blood up to 30 feet. Apart from that, our whole circulatory system arteries, veins and capillaries can wrap around the world twice if they are stretched out. So if you think of it this way, 30 feet is not actually that much.

5. Immortal Snail

Snails are immune to digestion when they are eaten by birds. They are found alive in bird droppings and also can be found alive inside the bird’s stomach.

6. You can eat all species of beetles

All species of beetles are edible. So if you ever find yourself stranded somewhere without food and you see a beetle walking you can grab it and scarf it down. They contain more protein than a pound of steak.

7. Cocaine Money

Approximately 80% of all US money contains traces of cocaine in them. It just proves how the people in the US are using the bills to roll them up and snort cocaine. Also, a small amount of cocaine can spread from day to day transactions from cash registers, banks, etc.

8. Sacrificial Cow

It takes approximately 3000 cows to provide leather that is used to make a year’s worth of football supply for the NFL and to think how much dairy products these cows could have produced.

9. Horny Handshake

It is likely that approximately you shake hands with six or more men who have not washed their hands after masturbating. This is definitely not the nicest fact to remember right before shaking hands with someone.

10. Rat Reproduction

Rats are very reproductive and active sexually. Two rats can reproduce and multiply so quickly that in a matter of 18 months they can have a million descendants. It is a very thin line of the beginning of another rat plague.

11. Fresh Meat

Everybody knows that carbon monoxide is absolutely harmful and toxic for human body. But what you didn’t know was that carbon monoxide is used to treat meats to make them look fresh. Thus a lot of people think meat causes cancer.

12. Good Bacteria

Bacteria are so abundant in our lives that approximately every square inch of our own body has an average of 32 million bacteria in it. Good thing is not all of them are harmful bacteria; some are even helpful for the human body.

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