January 30, 2023

Apply to become a professional p0rn watcher or s£x toy tester.

Get paid to watch p0rn

Want to get paid to watch porn? We are taking a deep-dive into the ins and outs of porn. And we need your help to do this!

The position – Head of Porn Research

We’re looking for a person to watch online pornographic videos.

The task is to gather information and data points on certain areas of focus. For example:

  • Sex positions
  • Duration
  • Number of orgasms
  • Male vs. Female ratio
  • Hair color distribution
  • Language distribution
  • etc.

The data will be used to conduct an in-depth report about tendencies/statistics in porn videos.

The salary

The salary is 20$ pr. hour ~ 3.205$ pr. month.

The person

Anyone aged 21 or over can apply for this new dream role. It does not matter where in the world you’re located as we offer a 100% remote position. We’ll of course talk daily/weekly.

The company

Bedbible.com is your go-to source for everything sex and sex toys. At Bedbible.com, you’ll find blog articles on all sorts of intimate subjects as well as reviews on sex toys and other intimate, adult products. 

We help visitors find sex toy products in an unbiased way, and further do in-depth research within the topics of romantics and erotics. Bedbible.com has no ads and is free to use for everyone.

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