January 28, 2023

Beaded Bracelet (Leaf design) Tutorial

Materials needed:
*fishing line 0.25

              Now the tutorial

1.string with your seed bead to the size of your hand
2.now string 10sb pass the needle through the second to the last bead( see picture)
3.view picture
4. Now from the 10th SB pass the needle out of the 4th SB( here the needle faces downwards view picture)
5. You should have these by now the leaf sharp
6. Insert 1cb pass through the other side into the 4th sb ( the needle faces upwards view picture)
7. View picture

8. Pass the needle through 5th SB from the main string,repeat same as no3 by inserting 10sb pass through the second to the last.
9. Now insert 8sb count out 4 and pass the needle through the 4th sb( here you will get the leaf shape again)
10. See picture
11.repeat no6 by inserting 1cb pass needle through the 4th SB to form your leaf move unto the next by passing through 5th SB from the main string
12and13.  In progress

14. A finished beaded charm bracelet.

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