January 30, 2023

Beaded square pendant Bead tutorial

Hi guys, after PRISPDOINGS had issues with google and was taken down, we decided to use LEAKSECRET as an alternative source to reach our fans.

We are deeply sorry for not posting our tutorials all these while but trust we are back now.
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Here is what is required to making your beaded 

square pendant:

*pearl or crystal
*fishing line
*crystal (for the middle)

How it made.

1.make mat design up to 4
2.now turn your mat design to from L shape( view picture)
3.view picture
4.by now you will get a U shape
5and6.now mat both ends to give you a square shape
7.your first square shape ready

8.make another square shape
9. Join both by making use of another fishing line, close with 1pear in between both mats design (view picture)
10. View picture
11.keep closing round till it all closed
12.your pendant almost ready

13and14. Now pick up your crystal to fill in the middle, get your chain and ready to wear.

So now that how you make your beaded square pendant.
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