January 28, 2023

Bizarre story the man who could eat nonstop and still be hungry

The Mystery of Tarare’s Stomach

Tarare is an 18th century, showman who could eat nonstop and still be hungry. He could finish a whole cow in 24 hours.

When his parents couldn’t cope with his insatiable appetite, they kicked him out of the house.Tarare joined a circus and started eating for entertainment.

In the circus, there was no limit to what he eats. He would eat live animals, food, heaps of garbage, stone, wood, iron and other inedible things.

Later, even Tarare himself became tired of himself. So, he went to the hospital in search for solutions to his appetite. He spent several months in the hospital waiting for answers and solutions, but instead of solutions he did the unimaginable.

He ate several dead bodies in the hospital’s mortuary. He was also accused of eating a live baby.

Never mind that Tarrare ate food that’s enough to feed a small village, he barely weighed 100 pounds. He is thin and looks malnourished. Nothing in his appearance shows he has been eating nonstop.

ATI wrote:

“When he ate, he would blow up like a balloon, especially in his stomach region. But shortly after, he would step into the bathroom and release nearly everything, leaving behind a mess that the surgeons described as “fetid beyond all conception.”

CUlled from ati

Later when Tarrare died of tuberculosis, doctors and surgeons did autopsy and discovered that Tarrare’s esophagus was so large, they could look directly into his stomach when they open his mouth.

Till today, Tarrare’s case remains an unsolved mystery to the medical world.

Credit: Apotheosis of knowledge

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