January 27, 2023

Brooch on Flip Flop Bead tutorial

Hi guys,
It been a while yea I know, as usual we are cooking up something very lovely. You can wear your flipflop casually not only at home all you need is this lovely beaded brooch on it and you are so good to go. Now that a secret I just shared with you all….
Materials needed for your beaded brooch:

*crystal bead size 10
*crystal bead size 6
*fishing line
*your flipflop 

How it’s made:

1.cut fishing line make a tie with 1cb insert 5 more cb
2.cross through the cb for tieing make a circle
3.pick 3cb(size10) unto the next SB
4.view picture
5.same thing pick 3cb pass unto the next cb
6and7.view picture
8.till all cover in 3sb
9.pick 1cb size 10 unto the closest previous row (view picture)
10.now pass it out through the next cb

11.repeat same thing pick 1cb size 10 unto the next available cb
12and13. View picture
14.view picture
15.insert 6cb size 6 unto the second cb from previous row (view picture)
16and17.pass it through the next cb to make another one
18.repeat no15
19.view picture 

20.pass your needle out on the last cb size 6 from previous row
21.insert 6cb size 6 unto the next cb
22and23view picture
24.repeat no 21
25.repeat same thing till it all overed
26.view picture
27.pick one cb size 6 to fill in the middle
28.view picture
29.pick 1cb(size 6)and 1cb(size 10) and 1cb(size6) pass it through 3rd cb from previous row
30.view picture

31. Your beaded brooch is ready, you can now stitch it unto your flipflop.
Any question please use the comment box below we will get back to you ASAP.
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