January 28, 2023

Chinese citizen caught conducting illegal Covid19 test with newly delivered equipment

Police in Peru on Sunday captured a Chinese resident for wrongfully directing quick COVID-19 tests on people in general with recently conveyed units taken from Peru’s wellbeing service.

Tianxing Zhang, 36, was captured in the Brena locale of Lima as he was going to take tests from two ladies at the entryway of their home, police said.

He “was continuing to do fast tests for COVID-19 with units that he had taken” from the Lima Sur wellbeing authority where he worked, as indicated by a police articulation. Zhang was wearing a cover and a light blue clinical cover at the hour of his capture by the state security police.

The two ladies had paid him to complete a fast home test, without wellbeing service endorsement.

“When addressed, he recognized he was not approved to complete this fast test and that the Rapid Diagnostic Tests had been taken from the Directorate of Integrated Health Network of Lima Sur where he had worked,” the police said.

As indicated by the police, the bespectacled Zhang admitted to taking two bunches of the test to use, for money related increase, on individuals who speculated they were sick with the coronavirus.

Police found a knapsack with 25 COVID-19 tests and other clinical supplies at his home, as indicated by AFP.

2 thoughts on “Chinese citizen caught conducting illegal Covid19 test with newly delivered equipment

  1. I think his higher ups are in on it and probably set the tests up and were profiting from it…it's never the lowly employee that thinks up these schemes…

  2. It's never the lowly employees that think of these schemes…they just do what the bosses tell them in an attempt to make a buck and keep their job…

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