January 28, 2023

Chiwetalu Agu recalls how he was treated at DSS office

Veteran actor, Chiwetalu Agu, has recalled his experience while he was in the custody of the operatives of the Department of State Services DSS.

Chiwetalu Agu was apprehended last Tuesday, October 7 in Onitsha by men of the Nigerian Army who accused him of promoting the Biafran agenda. He was later released and then re-arrested by men of the Department of State Security and taken to Abuja. He was released on October 12.

Speaking at a welcome back party organized for him by the Actors Guild of Nigeria AGN, Agu said he was treated with respect by the DSS officers.

”It didn’t start well but God took control. I was only buying bread for the poor. Soldiers came in and started scattering things. They said they are calling me in the office but they did not tell me my offence. Because they did not tell me my offence, I refused to follow them. That drama that took place was important so that they will know that Igbo are here. That moment of Upper Iweka till the time we got to the army barracks close to Zik Mausoleum, to 82 Division of the Nigerian Army and to DSS office in Abuja, nobody touched me. They treated me with respect. Every officer wanted to be involved in the case so that they can have opportunity to interact with Chiwetalu Agu.”

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