January 29, 2023

Covered in seed beads- Tutorial

Hi guys,
Welcome you all to another beading tutorial as you all know we tutor the best of bead designs.
After making yours you can give it whatever names you wish, so guys here is what will be needed to make these design.

  • *crystal bead size 8 and 6
  • *fishing line
  • *cutter
  • *seed bead

       How it’s made.

1.get your beading material ready
2.cut a desired fishing line insert 3 cb at the middle of the fishing line insert another 1cb to cross (mating methods)
3and4. Mat till you get your desired lenght.
5.now insert 2sb each on both fisbing line( view picture)
6.cross with 1 size 6 cb

7.insert another 2sb each in both fishing lines(view picture)
8.now you will pass through the step1mating method.
9.view picture
10.now insert 7sb and pass needle through the closest cb (view picture)
11.repeat no10 on the other side
12.unto the next one insert 2 SB each on both fishing line like no5

13.cross with size6 cb like no6
14.add another 2sb each on both fishing line like no7(now pass unto the nearest mat design)
15.repeat no10 and 11.
16.continue till all mat design is all covered.
Now that how it’s made I hope it was simple.Any question used the comment box below and kindly share post.
#itbeenGodalltheway#prispcares #happyindependence

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