January 28, 2023

Even the liar that started this madness knows the truth but needs the lie for relevance – Tuface’s baby mama, Pero breaks silence

Baby mama of Tuface, Pero Adeniyi has finally reacted after the singer’s wife, Annie Idibia called him out for sleeping under same roof with her (Pero) while visiting the kids they share. 

Annie who stated that she has made many sacrifices for Tuface, had claimed that his baby mamas “use their kids as an excuse for all sort of rubbish”. She wrote at the time; 

I am a patient woman. I am not a fool innocent. Your family never loved me from the beginning. No matter how hard I tried. I was never worthy to them. I have made so many sacrifices for you and all your children. God knows I have I tried. Your baby mamas constantly use your children as an excuse for all sort of rubbish. I try to stay gracious. You are not the first man on the planet to have kids by different women. You can do better. Everything I do is to show the good human that you are. But today, this move done by you, Efe, Frankie and your family is unacceptable. What kind of man takes his kids to Disney and spend nights in the same apartment with his kids and their mother? How many times have you gone to see your kids with Pero? and she stay with you and the kids under the same roof?

Pero has now reacted, addressing the claim she described as a “lie”.

Also, responding to alleged calls for her to speak her truth after Annie’s outburst and after her friends described her (Pero) as Tuface’s first wife, Pero stated that she will be guarding her truth as people will still poke holes in it if she speaks.

See her post below;

Even the liar that started this madness knows the truth but needs the lie for relevance. Insults and dragging are yet to kill a person - Tuface

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