January 29, 2023

Fascinating facts about the official car of the U.S president

The official car of the U.S President is called The Beast, manufactured by Cadillac. Here are mind blowing facts you need to know about this tank on four wheels:

Its windows are built up with more that five layers of glass and polycarbonate, can withstand bullets and do not open. In fact, the only window that does open is the driver’s, and by just three inches.

Also, the doors are also bullet-proof. They are armour-plated, more than eight inches thick and fully-sealed to protect those inside from a chemical attack.

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The doors weigh the same as those on a Boeing 757.

The tyres are shred and puncture resistant, and has steel rims which would enable The Beast to escape even if the tyres were somehow damaged.

Inside the bodywork – made up of steel, aluminium, titanium and ceramic – are reinforced steel plates, which protects the vehicle from bombs.

Inside are pump-action shotguns and on the front, tear gas grenade launchers are fitted.

The car also had a firefighting system in the rear, as well as smoke screen dispensers.

Also inside the vehicle are bags of the President’s Rh-negative blood type, just in case he ever needed a transfusion.

The Cadillac has its own panic button and oxygen supply too, which is available to the president from the rear.

The car has sports night vision cameras.

In the rear, there is a personal seat fitted with a satellite phone and a direct line to the Vice President and the Pentagon

There is also a glass partition to separate the driver and the passengers – however, only the president has the switch to lower it.

The Beast is driven by a chauffeur who was trained by the US Secret Service.

The driver has knowledge on how to deal with the most demanding driving conditions as well as how to escape an evasion.

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