January 27, 2023

For Freshers: All you need to know about Intellectual Harvarde

A wise saying goes thus; “Once an opportunity is lost, it can never be regained“. These are the predicaments of those who were deceived about Intellectual Harvarde Programme.

Intellectual Harvarde has been in existence for over 15 years, located in Abeokuta and has since florished despite attempts by some bitter individuals/groups to ruin the good name and image of the reputable institution.

The prestigious institution which was formerly an affiliate to Olabisi Onabanjo University was previously running under the umbrella of the aforementioned tertiary with the name OOUC until the management under the leadership of the great Dr. Adebayo Oluwatosin Ph.D decided to run a full fledge university that will benefit the students.

Intellectual Harvarde has been known for her unique culture of welcoming new intakes yearly by organising a forum which would entertain, educate, inform and create awareness about the school, it’s principle, student’s goals and dreams.

Below are some things Freshers need to know about the prestigious institution.

  • Intellectual Harvarde never go on strike: Schooling in Nigeria, it is a normal practice for student’s education delayed because of ASUU and government saga. The case is different with Intellectual Harvarde. Your 4 or 5 years course remains intact without any interruption. The school management even organized an online platform where student can receive lectures and write their exams online during the heated Covid-19 pandemic in order not to delay the students years in school.
  • Student’s misconduct, cultism, indecent dressing is highly prohibited: One pride the school management has is the fact that they’ve been able to curb menace acts amongst students by implementing strict laws and ensuring the laws are adhered to. The school management frowns at indecent dressing so much that no student male/female will be allowed to enter the school if not properly dressed. Wearing of palms, crazy jeans, crop tops, nose rings, tattoos, dread lock is never allowed in Intellectual Harvarde.
  • The lecturers and management staffs are friendly and always ready to give listening ears: Unlike some institutions where the students get scared of the lecturers and management. Intellectual Harvarde have a rare occurrence of good relationship between students, managements and lecturers. However there is always a boundary lane accosted to this.
  • Student’s learn with mordern facilities: The world as we know is a global village hence the need for improved modernization, technologies etc. Intellectual Harvarde is not lacking behind when it comes to serving the latest. There is a well equipped Mass communication studio with studio like settings attached with gadgets, computer lab with access to computers, Laboratory for science students, Law students get to show themselves of by lambasting grammars, a well modern hospital inside the school and much more.
  • Departmental activities: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The management understand this hence they fully support the Student Representative Council financially to enable a memorable departmental week. Both make and female students engaged in football tournaments, board and mind games. Winners always get to lift their trophy.
Intellectual Harvarde Students in a football tournament
  • Student’s Council: Just like every school that’s has a student council that acts as the mouthpiece of the students, IHS is no exception. Students are given the opportunity to contest and vote. The Student Representative Council (SRC) acts as a middle man between the management and students.
  • Halls and lecture rooms are well ventilated: Student’s welfare is the topmost priority of the management hence the halls are equipped with Air conditions and lecture rooms with fans.

Some school management you may wish to know

Director of Studies (Dr. Adebayo)

In every setting or family there is always the head. Dr. Adebayo who is fondly called DOS by the students is not just a top ranking official, he is the overall head of the school. His hard work has ensured the continued success of the institution.

Bursar (Mr. Emmanuel)

The school bursar is known to be very effective when it comes to discharging his duties, despite the huge number of students, he always finds a means to balance pressure. He is a good record keeper and students who try to outsmart him end up exposed and dealt with.

School Cordinator (Mr. Bankole)

It is very rare for any student to avoid Mr Banks (as he’s fondly called). Just as the popular saying “if the mountain doesn’t go to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain” . If you don’t go to Mr Banks, be sure he’ll come to you. He has a good relationship with students and you’ll be surprised 97% of students love him. You’ll always find him everywhere within the school ensuring things are in order, and he always wear a charming smile. But don’t get carried away with the smile, those smiles are to lure you close to him enough to pinch you. As careful as you maybe, you can never escape Mr. Banks.

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Written by Esther Dikeocha (aka) Neye

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5 thoughts on “For Freshers: All you need to know about Intellectual Harvarde

  1. I have a question concerning the school.

    After the whole session, whose certificate would be issued?
    Is it OOU or IHS

    Likewise the NYSC

  2. Dad said IHS isn’t recognized by federal government and won’t let me study dere but since it’s scholarship, I can fund myself with the little I have

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