January 28, 2023

High school students chase and beat up physics teacher (video)

A video has showed the moment a physics teacher was chased and beaten by a group of middle school students who broke his arm in Texas.

The awkward incident occurred at Langham Creek High School in Houston on Thursday, 10th February when students from Aragon Middle School attacked assistant baseball coach and high school physics teacher Michael Shott during a baseball practice, according to reports.

Shott can be seen running away at full speed through the high school parking lot, while several students pursued him.

As he was being pursued other students could be seen taking videos of the attack on their phones.

At one point, the students catch up and force their coach to the ground, before he gets up and runs out into an area of the parking lot away from them.

Shott’s mother, Peggy Shott, told KTRK that her son suffered a broken arm as a result.

“He’s doing fine. He’s at home. He has a broken arm, but the kids said that he’s doing what he’s always done and he’s fine,” she said.

“The reason it happened to him was because he was doing his job. He stopped the kids. Well, there was only one kid at first. The reason the others came back is because they didn’t like him stopping them.”

According to local station KABB, the coach was attacked because he told the students they couldn’t ride dirt bikes or ATVs on school grounds.

Prior to this, Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District confirmed that the school received threats of more violence on social media, which prompted the deployment of security officers at the school.

The four students involved in the attack were taken into custody and will be disciplined according to the code of conduct, district officials said in a letter to parents.

It’s unclear if the juveniles will face charges for the beatdown.

“Our campuses must be the safest places in our community for students, staff and visitors,” School officials said in a statement .

 “We will not tolerate anyone compromising the safe environment of our campuses, and will address violations to the greatest extent possible.”

Watch the video below

Students beat up teacher

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