February 4, 2023

Lady left devastated after discovering her boyfriend of 5 years has been married for 7 years

A Nigerian lady has taken to twitter to narrate how her friend discovered that her boyfriend of 5 years had been married for 7 years.

According to the lady identified as @Chrisssssy_Payn, her friend got to know her boyfriend of 5 years was married when he took to his WhatsApp status to celebrate his wife on their 7th wedding anniversary.

@Chrissssy_ Payn said the man in the post showered his wife with encomiums and even bragged that she had been the only woman in his life.

Narrating the story on Twitter, she wrote,

“My friend just discovered that her man she’s dating for 5 years is celebrating his 7 year wedding anniversary today. He just loaded his WA status praising how he loves his wife and how she’s been the only woman in his life. ”.

See her post below,

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