January 27, 2023

Manchester City Coach,Pep Guardiola apologises after his club’s fans made offensive Hillsborough Chants (video)

Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola has apologised for offensive chants by Manchester City fans referring to the Hillsborough and Heysel tragedies during his side’s defeat at Liverpool last week.

Recall that Mohamed Salah came in the second half as Liverpool beat Manchester City 1-0 leading City supporters to mock Liverpool with the chants about the tragedy. As well as the chants, similarly themed graffiti was also daubed in a number of places on the concourse of the Anfield Road end stand.

The chanting and vandalism was not the only unsavoury issue to ManCity’s meeting with Liverpool on Sunday as coins were thrown at Guardiola during the match and the City bus was struck by a missile as it left Anfield.

After the match, Liverpool expressed their disappointment over the conduct of City supporters referring to “vile chants relating to football stadium tragedies” that took place in the 1980s.

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