January 27, 2023

Rose inspired design- Tutorial

Hi lovies,
We will be making a rose inspired design today, the amazing thing is that we won’t be making use of breast pad I know you smiling now. And yes we will be making it all round beads and another sweet things about this design is that it can serve multiple purposes. 
  • Materials required:
  • *seed bead
  • *fishing line
  • *needle
  • *cutter

         Now the tutorial

1.use 1 sb to make a tie add 9 more sb make a circle by passing needle through the first sb u used for tieing
2.pick 3sb skip 1sb(view picture)
3and4.till the circle is covered
5.unto the next pass needle through the second sb out of 3 sb earlier (view picture)
6.pick 5sb unto the middle sb from no2
7.view picture

8and9. Go round till it all covered (view picture)
10.next row you will pick 7sb pass through the middle sb from 5sb earlier go round till it covered
11and12. Another row pick 9sb pass through the middle bead from 7sb earlier
13. Your beaded plate is ready

14.pick 3sb pass it through the middle bead
15 and 16. View picture
17.now pick 7sb pass through the very middle beads in step1 do this all round
18. View picture
19.same process as no17 pick 7sb  pass through the middle beads in step1
20.view picture

21.it begins to cover
22.same process of picking 7sb passing through earlier middle seed bead in step1
22and22. Almost covered continue till it covered totally.

Now that how your beaded rose can be done without breast pad.

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