January 27, 2023

“Still want to come to Canada?” – Man asks Nigerians as he reveals what became of coffee he left in his car

A Nigerian man based in Canada, has taken to twitter to ask Nigerians a question as he revealed what became of a cup of coffee he left in his car.

According to twitter user @ugleeoak, he left the coffee in his car overnight and it turned to iced coffee due to the cold weather condition.

Sharing a photo of the frozen coffee, he tweeted, “I left coffee in my car last night…. Still want to come to Canada.”

See below,

Man questions

See some funny comments below,

@kuntaakinte_ wrote, “Yes I still want to come, you that is there and refuse to come back, do you have two heads?”

@ngo.zee wrote, “People in Canada always find every means possible to discourage us from coming … we go still come!!! ”

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