January 27, 2023

The maker of universe has wiped my tears – Olakunle Churchill writes as he turns a year older


Olakunle Churchill who turned a year older today December 27 has taken to social media to reflect on his life’s journey so far.

In a post shared on his IG page, churchill who was once married to popular actress Tonto Dikeh said the maker of the universe has wiped his tears of shame with a laughter of testimony.

Read his post below; 

”Wow a fresh page in my life is here. I am thankful to God for the precious gift of life and for adding one glorious year to my life.

It’s been an admixture of up and down in my life. Like we know, life itself is not a bed of roses and mine has not been in short supply of octopus challenges from all angles.

From within and outside, it’s been a fierce battle for survival all the while. We are confronted with obstacles in life, even from least expected places — home, yet God has not failed to show mercy in protecting us from those we consider allies.

Thankfully, the will of God is different for that of man, for His plan towards us is of good and not evil. Anchored on the purity of our hearts, He creates door of escape for those that are His. Where others see obstacles, God makes a stepping stone for me, where they see challenges, God gives me opportunity, where they see limitation, God gives me unassailable success.

With all sense of modesty, I can today thumb my chest with pride that I am a product of God’s grace and mercy. Frantic efforts to limit our star ended in futility. Desperation to ensure we live for nothing, became wasted efforts. What else shall I say?

God has indeed manifestly shown that I am a project in His hand and cannot be abandoned. For life, open doors, countless favours, revived hopes, He has been kind to me.

I am happy to celebrate another birthday. I give our Messiah, the Maker of universe who has wiped my tears of shame with laughter of testimony all praises and honour.

I shall live to celebrate more through His abundant grace. I use myself as a point of contact to all those who look up to God for one favour or the other, your time of weeping is over! I declare that you shall excel to the shame of your enemies. Your success shall blossom unrestricted.

May God Almighty be praised forever. Amen.

Happy birthday to me.” He wrote 

The maker of universe has wiped my tears of shame with laughter of testimony - Olakunle Churchill writes as he turns a year older

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