February 4, 2023

The Music that’ll play for 1000 years without repeating itself.

A music called Longplayer has been playing since the night of 31st of December 1999, and it will play without repeating itself till January 1st 2999.

The music is carefully composed and set to play in such a way that it will play for 1000 years before repeating itself.

The Longplayer results from the rules of six short pieces of music. Six sections from these pieces – one from each – are playing simultaneously at all times. Longplayer chooses and combines these sections in such a way that no combination is repeated until exactly one thousand years has passed.

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The instrument playing the music is based on a bronze age technology. This is to ensure that the music continues to play even if modern technology changes.

Jem Finer (Composer of Longplayer) said he composed the music to communicate the extremely complex nature of time in a simple way. He wanted to show that time is a gradual thing, not a sudden jump.

Longplayer can be heard at London’s Trinity Buoy Wharf or live streamed.

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