January 27, 2023

”Wetin concern you concern yahoo people?” Pastor Kassy Chukwu slams Pastor David Ibiyeomie

A viral video showing Apostle Kassy Chukwu slamming a Port Harcourt-based clergyman, David Ibiyeomie, for cursing Yahoo boys has been shared online.

Recount that Ibiyeomie while preaching in his church, prayed that Yahoo boys would have accidents with the cars they buy with their fraud activities. He also placed curses on police officers who release arrested Internet fraudsters.

Apostle Kassy called out Ibiyeomie to stop cursing Yahoo boys. He stated that none of the curses placed on them would work. According to him, everywhere is peaceful and no cult clashes are recorded because the boys have something they are engaged in.

”Wetin concern you concern Yahoo people? Are they the problem of Nigeria? 

He should stop talking like that. That prayer will not work! You cannot curse Yahoo boys. At all! E dey forbid to curse politicians. Why e nor go curse politicians? Because na them dey him church. Na them dey buy the private jets for them. Na them dey buy the big big motor for them. All the big big motor he is driving, who is buying it for him? 

Watch the video below;

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